#warrior (5/1/16 - 5/29/16)

Have you ever felt like anger is negative emotion that you shouldn't have? How about aggression? At times, so many of us live our lives in shame constantly feeling like the emotions we have are things we should never feel. But what if God is responsible for giving us anger and aggression? That idea doesn't seem to sit well with our normal idea of church but what if God gave us that anger and aggression because there are some issues in life that he wants us to address that we need to get angry about if we're going to actually change things. This series is designed to give us a clearer view of God and more control over our emotions, namely our anger.

lion chaser - May 1, 2016
Pastor ryan blaylock

In this week's message we'll learn about a character from the Old Testament who ran after fear and anxiety rather than from them. What would it take in our own lives to lock eyes with our inner and outer demons and resolve to not give up fighting?


whip maker - may 8, 2016
pastor ryan Blaylock

What was it like for Mary to raise Jesus as a child? Was Jesus "the perfect child"? In this message we challenge the definition of the concept of "perfection" and take a look at Jesus expressing anger and aggression.


faith walker - may 15, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

What is faith and what do warriors do with it? Faith is something that stretches us beyond what we are capable of and causes us to trust God. There are times you have to make decisions and you don't have all the answers. In this message, we look at the life of Gideon and a situation where he faced overwhelming odds (135,000 to 300 to be precise).


fantastic five - may 22, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

What are some of the internal conversations you have with yourself leading to action? This week we're talking about the idea of what warriors do to connect their friends to Jesus. In this message we look at four guys who decided to do whatever it takes to bring their paralyzed buddy to Jesus.


above and beyond - may 29, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever wanted to question and disobey your leaders? Yet at the same time, God calls us to be people of honor. So how do we honor our leaders in each area of life? In this message we look at a story of an employee whose boss tried to kill him, and yet he chose to honor anyway. We will see how this employee obeyed God by honoring his boss and exceeding his expectations.