step by step (1/8/17-2/5/17)

At Element, we are here to help you take your next step with Christ. We talk about it often and many of are willing to take the next step but we may be left wondering what it could be. During our Step by Step series, our goal is to help you discover your next step and equip you to actually take it. 
If our issues and frustrations were simply academic, we could just read a book or find the right podcast to fix ourselves. For many of us though, the problem goes much deeper than academia. It's less of a question from our minds and more of a longing and hunger from our souls. This series is designed to help you take your next step and begin satisfying that hunger!

attend - jan 8, 2017
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

How do we typically grow or improve anything. Isn't it usually by taking one step at a time? In this message we'll consider the idea that the first step in growing our faith is to attend church. At Element we believe that life is best experienced living in community, and attending a Sunday morning worship experience is the first step to that.


connect - jan 15, 2017
grayson hardaway

How would you describe the people you surround yourself with? Based on the people in your life, how would you describe your connection to that community? In this message we will contrast two characters of the Bible and how they related to the people in their community. We will examine the quality of their lives and consider the lessons we can apply to our own.


contribute - jan 22, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

What are some of the things you care about that you contribute time and money to? Are there things you invest in without knowing what the payoff will be? In this message we'll look at some instructions Jesus gives us about being generous. We'll also take a moment to remember the sacrifices that we have already made to take care of broken and hurting people long before they ever darkened our doors.


invite - jan 29, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

Can you relate to being scammed? Scams may feel like many things, including just plain distracting. In this weeks message, we'll take a look at a moment where Jesus walked into the temple in Jerusalem and witnesses extortionists taking advantage of faithful people. We'll see how his response to that scene redefines true worship and compassion. We'll also be challenged to do our best to invite our loved ones to church and clear away all distractions so they can freely bump into Jesus.


lead - feb 5, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

Do you consider yourself a leader? Does that fill you with confidence or dread? In this message, we'll take a look at some ideas from the book of Acts exploring how becoming a leader might just be someone's next step.