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rooted (11/11/18-11/25/18)  

In our Rooted series we are taking a look at the successes we may have had in life and thinking about how to make them sustainable. We’ll talk about ideas we can root into so we can go big, be strong, and stand tall. 


Giant sequoias - nov 11, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

Your community can help raise you up or it can break you down, it all depends on who you surround yourself with. Throughout this series we will explore the importance of being vulnerable and building a core group to do life with. This week, join Pastor Ryan as he explores the stories of a man who had everything, a man who sacrificed everything for the Kingdom, and the importance of standing through the storms of life together.


two are better than one - nov 18, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

Our devices give us so many advantages, but they can also be barriers to actually building relationships within our communities. In today’s message we’ll take a look at an exchange between Moses and his father-in-law, Jethro. Jethro’s message to Moses was essentially to involve more people in his personal community to help carry the responsibilities of leading the nation of Israel. We’ll see what Moses does with this advice and we’ll consider how we can implement similar principles in our own lives. 


a strong community - nov 25, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

How does the strength of our community affect our own personal well-being and ability to make a difference in the world? In today’s message we’ll take a look at some situations where Jesus was not able to be effective in his hometown due to the dispersions cast by those in his community. We’ll also see some practical applications of how we can find encouragement through those whom have run similar races we may be running and are cheering us on.