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Home Improvement (2/10/19 - 4/3/19)  

Is your home perfect? Is something missing? Where should we start? Home improvement is designed to give us 4 practical steps toward a healthy home so regardless of your situation, this series will impact your home!


A Healthy Home Starts With You - Feb 10

Pastor Ryan Blaylock

There is no such thing as a perfect family, not even in the Bible, so how do we create a healthier and happier home? In today’s message, Pastor Ryan explains how the first step to a healthier home starts with you. Self-awareness is a critical part of life and a critical part of our relationship with God. Even though it’s challenging, in order for us to grow and to live healthier lives, we have to become aware of our faults. Through this awareness God can reveal himself in your life even more, and begin to make positive and meaningful changes in your home.


Healthy parenting - Feb 17

Pastor Carl kuhl

Nothing raises questions about how to be a good parent with quite the same intensity as installing a car seat for your brand new baby into your car. Today Pastor Carl Kuhl, from Mosaic Christian Church, shares a message with Element about parenting. You’ll find it real, honest, humorous, relatable, terrifying, and hopeful.


do not remove the doors - Feb 24

Pastor Ryan Blaylock

We like boundaries. We like having doors on our houses. But sometimes, despite our doors and physical barriers, we make decisions to allow things into our lives that perhaps we shouldn’t. In today’s message we’ll take a look at how we can maintain some mental and emotional boundaries that will help us guard our sanity and our stability.


A healthy home helps others - March 3

Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Where are you irreplaceable? Someone else can do your job, but no one else can be the biological parent to your kids or the first partner to your spouse. Serving others is part of being a Christian, but we have to learn to respect the margins of our time, energy, and money. This week Pastor Ryan delves into 3 hesitations people have when it comes time to help others, and why good intentions simply are not enough. Most importantly, to wrap up our Home Improvement series, Pastor Ryan explains that you cannot sacrifice your family on the altar of your ministry.