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Growing Pains (1/6/19 - 2/3/19)  


Put out your cup - jan 6, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

Two things servers need to know to increase their tips are to keep customers' cups full and don't interrupt their conversations. But what should one do with a customer who hides their drink at the far end of a booth? Sometimes we come to church wondering why we're not getting filled and satisfied. Could it be possible that a simple change we can make is to stop concealing our cups and put them out at the edge of the table where it's easier for them to be filled?


Trust the process - jan 20, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

The beginning of the new year tends to be the time many of us resolve to become better versions of ourselves. As with most all good things, lifestyle transformation is a process that requires time and perseverance. This can be hard when the end is out of sight and all we can see is the adversity immediately in front of us. In today’s message, we’ll look at the life of Joseph and consider how we too can learn to trust the process in the midst of our problems.


The necessity of vulnerability - jan 27, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

Some of the scariest times in life are when we don’t know everything, can’t do everything, and have messed up everything. Those are the times that we often feel most exposed and least willing to reach out to people around us. But what if those were exactly moments when we MOST need to reach out to those around us? In today’s message, we’ll look at how being vulnerable allows those around us to truly know us and love us.


Time, intention, and interruption - feb 3, 2018

Pastor ryan blaylock  

What do we do when someone comes looking to us for advice? How do we use our influence to help those around us? What do we do when we seek the advice and influence of others? As we see in the Bible, to disciple someone is to influence them to perceive, process, and present themselves more like Jesus. In today’s message we’ll see examples of how Jesus spent his time and energy to be intentional about positively influencing those around him, even those who interrupted him.