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At the core (9/9/18-10/7/18)  

Core values aren’t about what’s written on a piece of paper or posted on your website. Core values are the hills you’re willing to die on and the beliefs that guide your life. In our series, At the core, we’ll take a look at 5 values that guide everything we do at Element.


The bible is our authority - SEp 9, 2018

Pastor Ryan Blaylock  

Have you ever wondered what Element is really about? This week, Pastor Ryan kicks off a new series diving into our core values as a church. Over the next five weeks, join us as we clearly define who we are and what we’re about.


Life is better together - SEp 16, 2018

Pastor Ryan Blaylock  

Authentic community sets the church apart. Here at Element, we believe that life is better together. Going through life alone is not what we are called to do as people who have been called by God to be set apart.


No one is common - SEp 23, 2018

Pastor Ryan Blaylock  

As Pastor Ryan continues to dive into our core values as a church, we confront the truth about dealing with difficult people. It’s easy for us to ask: “What Would Jesus Do?” but it’s much harder to accomplish the same feats. Instead, we have to ask: “What Did Jesus Tell Us To Do?”


belong before you believe - SEp 30, 2018

Pastor Ryan Blaylock  

No one has it all together. Everyone can have “a week” – a week where the highlight was the alarm going off early on Monday morning. Here at Element, we believe that you can belong before you believe and that everyone receives God’s grace.


Own Your Growth - Oct 7, 2018

Pastor Ryan Blaylock  

Have you ever been handed a tool but absolutely no instruction how to use it? If the Bible says that we are called to do great things but gives us no instruction on how to use that calling, then how are we supposed to live the life Jesus wants for us? In today’s message we’ll pick up some practical ways of learning to use the tools in our lives. But they won’t come easy. Ultimately, we have to own our growth and personally put the effort into bettering ourselves.