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Ephesians (6/17/2018 - 7/22/2018)

In Biblical times a man named Paul wrote letters to many churches in the Mediterranean area. In his latter to a church in the city of Ephesis Paul spells out some basic and practical measures about how to live a life of faith in Jesus.


Heart Knowledge -june 17, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

If you're a home-owner, do you find yourself looking for more DIY plumbing repair videos on the internet than you usually do? More generally, do you find yourself searching for information and advice most relevant to your immediate circumstances? In today's message we'll begin to take a look at a letter, written by a man named Paul to a church in the ancient city of Ephesus, which spells out some basics about living a life of faith in Jesus. Ultimately we'll learn some practical questions to help clear away spiritual obstacles, and also discover a simple idea about experiencing a relationship with God that goes beyond simply just knowing about Him.


looking in the wrong places -june 24, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Have you ever gone looking for something but along the way discovered you weren't even in the correct region to be looking for that thing? How is that similar to searching for hope? Do you sometimes find yourself looking for hope in all the wrong places? In todays message we'll take a look at a message written to group of people a long time ago about finding hope and living differently. Ultimately we'll learn some practical ways we can make changes to live life out of abundance rather than forever living out of brokenness.


limitless -july 1, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Have you ever tried to pour something out of an empty bottle? Have you ever BEEN that empty bottle, trying to pour yourself out on behalf of others but find the people around you just suck you dry? In today’s message we continue looking at Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus and see how the words of encouragement he shared with them also apply to us. Ultimately we’ll see that as we draw nearer to God, his unlimited resources are available to satisfy our needs and empower us to do all that we’re called to do.


awareness and ownership -july 8, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Do you ever ignore annoying issues hoping they will miraculously fix themselves? How does that work out for you? What about with bigger issues? Sometimes the lack of motivation to make positive changes is related to a lack of understanding that there is a better way to live. In today’s message we’ll take a look at four practical steps we can take to take ownership of our faith and our lives and start to make some positive healthy changes.


It's not about me -july 15, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Can you submit to someone you don’t agree with (as long as that person is not causing you harm)? Whether it be a spouse, an employer, or some other kind of leader, what does it take to submit to their authority despite your differences? In today’s message we’ll take a look at a difficult idea, that “it’s not about me”. As we continue our series looking at the letter the apostle Paul wrote to the churches of Ephesus, we’ll see how he explains what it looks like to be a follower of Christ in the context of some different relationship situations. We’ll find value in shifting our mindset to respect and learn from people we disagree with, and ultimately how to live in abundance as we relate to others.


Prepare for battle -july 22, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

We face battles every day. Whether it’s the struggle of being moral in an immoral world, being prepared to share the gospel, or just facing the constant negative chatter in our minds, each day brings a new fight. This week, Pastor Ryan walks us through the armor of God (or the armor of hockey) and gives us practical challenges to get us ready for the battles ahead.