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Guest speakers (6/3/2018 - 6/10/2018)

We had the opportunity to learn from some amazing speakers while Pastor Ryan took a time of rest. Tune in to hear what God has been teaching them and how it can change your life! 


Christianity and suffering -june 3, 2018
Mark wright

If the God of the Bible is supposed to be about grace and protection, how do we square that with the times in our lives when we face pain and suffering? If you’ve been with Element for a while, you know that we are big about helping hurting people find healing. Ultimately we’ll see that God is neither silent nor absent in the midst of our pain, and we’ll find hope by drawing near to Him as we navigate a broken and fallen world.


Cardio -June 10, 2018
Joe Andrist 

Join us this week as guest speaker, Joe Andrist, speaks on, "Spiritual Fitness." The gospel of Matthew illustrates the importance of putting God's priorities ahead of man's priorities and growing spiritually. Unfortunately, many people fail to exercise spiritually on a regular basis. Drawing on metaphors with physical fitness, Joe demonstrates spiritual exercises, challenges us to be honest, well-nourished, and precise with our goals, and ultimately, to take short, obedience steps of faith to achieve spiritual change.