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Wounded (4/8/2018 - 5/6/2018)

What do you do when life hurts? Maybe you've had a life experience that was supposed to be great but somehow went horribly wrong and now you have wounds to live with. In this series we're creating space to get real with our past and find room to believe that we are accepted and worthy of healing.   


Healing is possible -April 8, 2018
pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever made a decision that was supposed to be inconsequential but instead turned out to be monumental? Maybe a decision was made for you that moment changed everything! Sometimes those are changes for the better, but often those are changes that damage us. In today's message we begin a series looking at what to do when life hurts. We'll see that healing is possible and learn practical ways to take some first steps.


Healing happens best in community -April 15, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

If you sprain an ankle or break a finger, are you more likely to see a doctor or pretend the injury doesn't exist? What about when it comes to a broken relationship, addiction, or loss of a loved one? In today's message we'll take a look at the role of community in the healing process and we'll learn some practical ways to BE the church. Incidentally, we'll see that every time the Bible refers to the "church" it's referring to a group of believers that are trying to follow Jesus. Scripture tells us that the primary activity of the church is to one-another one another. For healing to happen, we have to care for one another.


Weight Lifting -April 22, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Do you feel experiences of hurt and pain are like weights holding you down? If you've carried that weight for a long time, do you identify with that pain? In today's message we'll reevaluate our relationships with our burdens and see what the Bible says about how Jesus welcomes us to find relief from them. Ultimately we'll learn some things about forgiveness and what influence that has on releasing us from some of the burdens we may have brought upon ourselves (next week we'll talk about the burdens brought upon us by others).


"forgive and forget" is impossible -April 29, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

What have you committed to "muscle memory"? We gain muscle memory by doing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes this can help us develop useful skills, but sometimes we can also develop harmful habits. In today's message we'll consider that the weight we carry due to wounds inflicted by others can cause us to develop a form muscle memory which prevents healing. We'll look at the writings of the Apostle Paul about why forgiveness is so essential to healing and gain new perspectives on what forgiveness is and how to do it.


fellowship of suffering -may 6, 2018
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Have you ever wondered how a good God can possibly exist when you or those you care about continue to experience pain? Do you find it impossible to think about comfort when the only thoughts filling your mind are about what you've lost? As we wrap up this series, we'll consider the idea that there may perhaps be a purpose to our pain. We'll look at some passages in the Bible where the author writes about God being able to do miracles and give us comfort, but then a little later we read about the adversity the author continues to endure. While this juxtaposition may be uncomfortable, we will find relief through a fellowship of suffering.