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Ground zero (1/7/2018 - 1/28/2018)

Building faith has to start somewhere. Whether you've never had a faith experience or the one you had felt like a bomb going off, Ground Zero is a great place to build faith from the ground up.


We are "those people" - Jan 7, 2018
pastor ryan blaylock

What is "Ground Zero"? Typically we use this term to describe a site of devastation or disaster, but it can also just simply be something's starting point. In today's message, we'll take a look at someone in the Bible, named Zacchaeus, who's life was characterized by rejection and brokenness and we'll see how Jesus enters into that life to redefine it with welcoming and completeness. Ultimately we'll learn that we are all just like Zacchaeus, that Jesus is here for us too, and all are welcome.


reading the bible - Jan 14, 2018
pastor ryan blaylock

What kinds of New Years resolutions do you make? How are you doing with them so far? If you made a resolution regarding your faith, how has that been going? Studies show that if you want to build a solid foundation of faith, the most significant thing you can to is read your Bible on a regular basis. But that can be problematic for many of us, because the Bible seems so unapproachable or we are too busy or it's to complicated to understand. In today's message, we'll see some ways we can remove some of those obstacles and enjoy the benefits of reading the Bible regularly. One great resource is a reading plan from The Bible Project called, "The Bible". You can find this reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app, or at the following link:


discerning god's will - Jan 21, 2018
pastor ryan blaylock

Why is it that there can be so much confusion around discerning God's will? If He is a good and loving father who wants us to obey Him, why is it sometimes so hard to understand what it is He wants us to obey? In today's message we'll take a look and examples the Bible gives us about some ways God speaks to us, and ultimately learn some practical tips on how to process decisions we face by seeking wise council.


Going beyond "come and see" - Jan 28, 2018
pastor ryan blaylock

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, what are your initial feelings about sharing your faith? For many people the thought of sharing faith, or having faith shared with them, is uncomfortable and generates feelings of anxiety. Can you relate? In today's message we'll consider some ideas about what it means to fulfill the great commission and "go make disciples". We'll first take a look at the meaning of the word "disciple", then take a look at ourselves, then take a look at the invitation God gives to us to first experience the hope and grace and truth of His gospel in our own lives.