Inked (9/3/17 - 10/8/17)

For many of us, tattoos are a way to remember the important moments of life. Whether its a tribute to someone in our lives, celebrating a life change, or marking ourselves so we never forget something of our past, ink has become a popular way of remembering the key things of life. Throughout this series, we'll take a deeper look at the truths we need to personally remember and apply to our lives daily. 


a better way to live - sept 3, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

When life gets busy or stressful, how do you remember the things that are most important and reset your focus? In todays message we'll see an old idea of remembering important life experiences applied in some familiar ways.


Growing people change - Sept 10, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

What is one basic fact about growing people? They change! What is the center of the universe? Depends on what century you ask the question. In today's message, we'll consider these two themes as we again focus our attention on some things to remember.


Life is better together - Sept 17, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

If everyone loves you, is it possible to still be lonely?  In today's message, we'll take a look at the definition of the original word for "church" and see how that can inform our relationships with other people.


Contributors, not Consumers - Sept 24, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever experienced a relationship where it feels like the other person, or people, are not pulling their weight? If life is supposed to be better together then why do so many relationships feel empty, lonely, and disappointing? Maybe it's a group project where you care more about it than your teammates. Maybe it's at work. Maybe it's at home. These are all very difficult scenarios to work through, but in today's message, we'll hear about the a way God created people to live in relationship with one another. In particular, we'll hear about how God has created everyone with different abilities, to contribute to one another and live in harmony.


We Invite because we care -
Oct 1, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock



Driven by connection, not performance - Oct 8, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock