The Defiant one (7/30/17 - 8/27/17)

Throughout this series, we're going to take a look at how Jesus defied the norms of his day to reach people with hope, truth and grace


how do we view jesus - july 30, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever put someone on a pedestal, discovered something about them, and then wondered if you're following the right person? Everyone needs a role model to follow, someone who has traveled the road ahead of us and can provide good guidance. But it's important to make sure the people we follow are positive influences instead of negative ones. In this week's message, we intro this series by looking at some strong words from Paul, the author of Philippians, to guide us as we decide whom to follow.


Going against cultural norms - August 6, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock

In this message, we will see how Jesus went against cultural norms to reach people who other religious leaders ignored. How can we apply Jesus' message of truth and grace in our lives?


long division - August 13, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever had family drama? Like the kind of drama where you celebrate holidays in two different households so that certain people don't have to be in the same room? How about a sharp disagreement between friends or neighbors? When the people around you and people you care about don't seem capable of reconciliation, how do you speak into those tensions and bring some kind of unity, instead of more division? In week 3 of The Defiant One, we'll encounter the story of a family dispute that lasted over 1,000 years, and how Jesus entered into it to bring reconciliation and unity.


roof access - august 20, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

We are all passionate about specific things, but have you ever been so focused on details that you miss the big picture? In today's message, we'll hear a story of a time when Jesus defied the customs of his day to bring hope to a group of people desperate for healing.


physical impossibilities - August 27, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock

Do the supernatural events recorded in the Bible make it difficult to believe in Jesus? If so, you're in good company. As we'll see in this week's message, all of Jesus' closest companions experienced some unbelievable things which sometimes confused and frightened them. Ultimately we can find comfort in trusting that, though we may struggle to clearly explain everything going on, God is still compassionate toward us and has our best interest in mind.