superhuman (4/23/17 - 5/07/17)

Have you ever felt like life is out of balance? Better question, have you ever felt like life is in balance? What if balance isn't the goal? In this series, we take a look at what's a better pursuit than balance. 


the search for purpose - april 23, 2017
pastor ryan blaylock

Have you ever felt like life is out of balance? It seems like any time we pick up something new, or something changes, things go out of balance. In today's message, we'll challenge the idea of "life balance" by considering that the goal of life isn't balance, it's purpose.


Bread for the Hungry - April 30, 2017
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

When life feels out of balance do we typically look for ways to cut our losses or ways to be generous? We've been focusing on the idea that living with balance isn't the goal; living with purpose is. To help us with that idea, we'll visit some stories in the Bible where God called people to make life decisions with an open-handed mindset, and consider practical next steps for our own lives. We'll also hear about life-change happening in Laurel because people of Element have been generous.


use your time wisely - may 7, 2017
Pastor ryan blaylock

How do you decide what you're going to spend your time on? Do you always have too much time, get everything done early, and never seem to be busy? In this message, we are cautioned and coached to make the most of our time and opportunities. We'll work through ideas about how to discern the will of God and ultimately live for our purposes.