courageous (7/29/18 - 8/12/18)

What are you afraid of? For some its the tough conversation. For others its the work deadline. For another person its being a father or wondering if they are going to be alone for the rest of their life. Many times our fears hold us back from experiencing everything that God has for us. During our Courageous series we address fear and learn to embrace the opportunity ahead of us.


Addressing fear - JUly 29, 2018

What are you really afraid of? In this series, Pastor Ryan is going to break down the courage it takes to address our fears and embrace opportunity. This week we explore 3 ways to keep going through life when God is silent and how to deal with our fears on a real and practical level.


trusting god when the details don't make sense - aug 5, 2018

What do we do when God speaks and the details don’t make sense? This week Pastor Ryan continues the story of Joshua and his trust in God – even when he doesn’t know the results, or what hangs in the balance of his decision to be courageous.


dealing with discouragement - aug 12, 2018

What would you do if you were 100% sure God was with you? As we close out our Courageous series, we look at Joshua as he stands up to disagreement and discouragement in the face of the unknown. In this message, Pastor Ryan explores how we can address our fears and embrace the opportunities God has for us on the other side of what scares us.