scars (10/11/15 - 11/1/15)

We've all been through some really tough moments in life. Many of those moments have left us with some pretty deep wounds that cause us to ask life's biggest questions. Questions like "Am I good enough?" or "Am I just a burden?" We all have questions and we all want to heal. Our goal for this series is that you'd move from the open wounds you're experiencing to a place of healed Scars. Scars are a reminder of the pain but not a current cause of pain.

Are you ready to discover if your pain has a purpose?

am i good enough? - oct 11, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

One question that can effectively destroy our self confidence is the question of “am I good enough?”  It is most effective when we have things in our past that give this question credibility.  Listen in as we consider the effects this question can have and also healthy ways to answer it as we learn about how God gives purposes to our scars.


am i just a burden? - oct 18, 2015
Pastor ryan blaylock

What’s the power of a name?  What if your name is “burden”?  The names we have been given can be very significant to how we live our lives.  As we continue our “Scars” series we’ll take a look at what the Bible has to say about overcoming our struggles with power of identifying with the name God has given us.


why aren't things working out my way? - oct 25, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

Sometimes, no matter what kind of good we try to do with our lives, there are things chasing us down which cause disruption and devastation.  Perhaps there are things in your life that you’re afraid are chasing you down and going to take you out.  Things like debt, addiction, and over eating.  But if FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, then perhaps we can respond to those things chasing us down by changing our focus.  Our faith is a matter of our focus and we have got to focus on God and how He’s leading us.


how do i get past my past? - nov 1, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

Many of us have scars from things done to us.  Some of us have scars from things we’ve done to ourselves.  Sometimes we ask questions like, “is it possible to mess up so bad that even God would give up on me?”  Jesus’ answer is a message of GRACE and TRUTH.