Taking your next step at Element helps you experience life change and helps you be a part of changing lives.


get baptized
Follow Jesus and be baptized

The Bible teaches that the way we put our faith in Jesus is to repent and be baptized. 
When you are ready to make Jesus the leader and forgiver of your life, click the link below and we'll guide you in this step. 

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study the bible
learn to read and understand the bible

One of the most popular questions we hear is "how do I read the Bible?" If you've ever been intimidated or you're just not sure where to start, we're here to help. Jesus taught that "He came to give us life and life to the fullest" and we are convinced the best way to experience life to the fullest is to study God's word and apply it to our lives. The link below provides some helpful resources so you can begin to read and understand the Bible more effectively.

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join us for a worship experience

If you don't know what you believe or even if you don't believe in Jesus, Element is the church for you. 
Anybody is welcome at Element and whether you've been in church your whole life or avoided church your whole life, Element is a place for you to come have a great time and be challenged to become more like Jesus. If you’re unsure, just come and see :)

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sign up for an egroup

We weren't created to do life alone. Joining a group can be scary and intimidating but ultimately, doing life in community makes our lives better. Pick a group and sign up today!

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partner with us financially

Your gift helps us connect the broken and hurting to Jesus one step at a time! 
All contributions are tax deductible and you will receive a record of your contributions at the end of the year.

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bring your friends

Part of following Jesus is caring about the people who don't know Him yet. If you have friends or family that you're trying to bring to Element, we'd love to be praying for them. 

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volunteer to serve others

Each week at Element, we have a dream team of volunteers that serves and cares for every person that walks through our doors. Joining a volunteer team helps you give back and helps us reach more people!

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