my crazy family (12/6/15 - 12/20/15)

We all come from crazy places and crazy families. Many people find themselves embarrassed about where they came from and who they're related to. My Crazy Family takes a look at the lineage of Jesus and, in particular, the two patriarchs of his bloodline, Abraham and David. Throughout this series we take a look at the crazier, more shameful parts of Abraham and David's life as we show that Jesus came from a dysfunctional family too. Maybe you've convinced yourself that you come from too much dysfunction to be used by God? Maybe you've convinced yourself that you're too messed up for God? My Crazy Family shows us how God uses people from all walks of life to accomplish His purposes.

abraham - dec 6, 2015
Pastor Ryan Blaylock

The winter holidays are upon us, which means we can look forward to lots of time with our families.  But to be honest, don’t our families sometimes drive us crazy?  This series is all about Jesus’ crazy family and some of the ways we can relate.  Today we’re looking at five snapshots from the life of Abraham.  This story about Abraham is relevant to us because it helps us understand that we can still have hope and forgiveness even though we experience consequences for our decisions.  God can choose us to do great things no matter what we’ve done or where we’re at in life.


david - dec 13, 2015
Pastor ryan blaylock

We can do whatever we want in our lives, but our decisions always have consequences.


jesus - dec 20, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

We can be filled with confidence when we are connected with God and know that He is paying attention to us and active in our lives.  But what do we do when we can’t hear Him?  What do we do when it feels like He is silent?  What do we do when we start to question His presence?