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navigating the darkness (4/28/19 - 6/16/19)  


Defining darkness- April 28

Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Darkness: A state of confusion, frustration, anger, and/or fear that comes as a result of either internal forces, external forces, or a combination of both. Sometimes we go through life encountering dangerous circumstances and we’re desperate for a guide to help us find our way out. In the dark moments of marriage, singleness, parenting, school, and waiting, we can find hope in the promises of Jesus to help us navigate the darkness.


the prayer- may 5

Pastor Ryan Blaylock

Sometimes going through dark experiences makes it difficult for us to remember how to pray. Sometimes, it’s exactly those dark times when we most need to remember how to pray. Two things to remember about praying in the darkness: 1) praying in the dark is more likely to change you than it is to change your situation, and 2) praying in the dark is about inviting God into the darkness more than it is about expecting God to remove the darkness. By becoming more religious in our prayers, we became less real in our prayers.