man vs dude (11/8/15 - 11/29/15)

Being a male is great but unfortunately it doesn't make you a man. We live in a culture and society that doesn't do a great job of defining manhood. So what is it that actually makes you a man? Is it anatomical? Is it your max on the bench press? Is it the way that people respect you? In this series, we take a long look at four key areas of life: Pride, Priorities, Passivity, and People. We compare how a Man treats each area of life to the way that a Dude treats those same areas of life.

Are you ready to be the man God is calling you to be?

pride - nov 8, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

What does it mean to be a “man”?  What does it mean to be a “dude”?  In this series we will try to gain a better understanding of true manhood by looking at four attributes that distinguish men from dudes.  In today’s message we will consider PRIDE.


priorities - nov 15, 2015
Pastor ryan blaylock

How do the PRIORITIES of a man differ from those those of a dude?  In today’s message we consider the importance of prioritizing faith because only faith is eternally significant.


passivity - nov 22, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

What’s the difference between a sin of COmission and a sin of Omission?  We can find a clue in considering the effects of passivity on our decisions and daily life.  Ultimately we must remember that we are image bearers of the most high God, and He wants immeasurably more for us than we could ever ask or imagine.


people - Nov 29, 2015
pastor ryan blaylock

What are the attitudes of a MAN versus the attitudes of a DUDE regrading other people?  One Element’s core values is to spread honor up, down, and all around.  In this message we consider ways of honoring others, especially when it’s hard to do so.