Leaning in to creativity

The idea of being creative has always been difficult for me. I feel the pressure that things need to be perfect or look a certain way which really limits creativity. Recently I have been learning to let creativity live outside of the box I have placed it in for so long.
After looking at other people create beautiful things I decided to try hand lettering - with a little (or big) push from my husband. Not only have I loved learning about it but I started to create things I was proud of and things that looked great!
Adding this into my weekly routine has done more than just give me a hobby. The ability to lean into creativity as a place of rest and stress relief has been huge. I have been given clarity around this beautiful gift that is God inspired. Did you know God was the first person to use his creativity? It’s the first verse we read when we open the Bible but I think it is so commonly overlooked. “God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). God had a gift of creativity and used it to make everything. He didn’t stop at just creating our world but he gave us the gift of creativity as well!
For years I brushed off creativity as a skill I didn’t have and something that wasn’t for me. In doing that I was neglecting something God blessed us with. If you struggle with being creative don’t be discourage! Creativity shouldn’t live in a box.

Kim Blaylock