in your element (1/10/16 - 2/7/16)

We're asked often why we named the church "Element". In this series, we take the time to discuss the four elements of life that we believe we're called to minister to on a regular basis. Most people would agree that a church is supposed to minister to the Spiritual element but we are convinced that we're also called to minister to the Physical, Emotional, and Relational elements as well because at the end of the day, If Jesus isn't Lord OF all in your life, soon He won't be Lord AT all in your life.

physical - jan 10, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

How many elements are there to life?  Here at Element church we focus on ministering to four basic elements of life:  physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual.  In this message we will look at the physical element through considering what the Bible says about stewardship and generosity.


emotional - jan 17, 2016
Pastor ryan blaylock

What ways do we experience the emotional element of life?  In today’s message we will contrast honor and shame and how those play a part of our lives.  The video that Ryan mentioned at the beginning of the message can be found by searching YouTube for “Honor & Shame 101.”


spiritual - jan 31, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

In the book of Acts we are given the recorded account of Paul who sat down with the people of his time and discussed questions and circumstances and things happening in their every day lives.  In this message, some of Element’s ministry leaders host a live Q&A to some questions that has been sent in over the past two weeks.


relational - feb 7, 2016
pastor ryan blaylock

Is it possible to do life alone?  If it is, what is that life like?  At Element we believe that life was never intended to be lived out in isolation.  Today we take a look at what the Bible says about relating to the people we look up to, to the people on our level, and to the people looking up to us.