The Defiant One 03 - Long Division

Have you ever had family drama?  Like the kind of drama where you celebrate holidays in two different households so that certain people don't have to be in the same room?  How about a sharp disagreement between friends or neighbors?  When the people around you and the people you care about don't seem capable of reconciliation, how do you speak into those tensions and bring some kind of unity, instead of division?  In today's message we'll encounter the story of a family dispute that lasted over 1,000 years, and how Jesus entered into it to bring reconciliation and unity.

Oversight 08 - Belong Before You Believe

Do you have moments in your life where you wondered whether or not you belonged, and how has that made a difference in your life?  In today's message we're going to hear a story about Jesus addressing different groups of people where he makes clear that everyone has a place to belong.  We'll also hear from three new guest speakers describing how Element has been a place of grace and truth, where they've had the freedom to not be okay while they figure out different areas of life.

Oversight 07 - Bondage to Blessing

Being a follower isn't always a bad thing, so how being a good follower help us in our daily lives?  In today's message we'll encounter a story of God leading his people through difficult times out of dangerous situations and learn some tips about how to be a great follower.  We'll see how the things we remember influence our attitudes toward personal growth, and how refreshing our memories can help us deal with discouragement.

Oversight 05 - Get Real

Would you play soccer without a ball?  Why or why not?  Probably because it's fake, right?  In our world today, authenticity is very compelling.  We are drawn to it like never before, and appalled by insincerity like never before.  In today's message we'll engage an altercation between the religious elites and the common people during Jesus' time on earth.  Ultimately we'll see that action authenticates faith, and we'll be encouraged to take next steps to live authentically in our own lives.

Oversight 04 - Chasing the Why

So far in this series we've explored ideas about trusting and following God when life is stressful and confusing, but what happens when life hurts or feels unfair?  Sometimes the story of our lives is exactly opposite of what we would hope and expect, and those experiences challenge the idea that God is kind and just.  In today's message we'll hear some very personal stories about enduring some of life's most difficult storms by chasing the "why".

Oversight 03 - Baggage Claim

Have you ever started packed for a trip by first unpacking from the last one?  Have you come back from a trip, procrastinated unpacking, and when the next one comes around you discover 31 pairs of socks you forgot you had…and all the associated fragrances?  In today's message we'll connect with some funny and honest truths about what can happen when we're unwilling to deal with our baggage.

Oversight 01 - Find Someone to Follow

Have you ever put someone on a pedestal, discovered something about them, and then wondered if you're following the right person?  Everyone needs a role model to follow, someone who has traveled the road ahead of us and can provide good guidance.  But it's important to make sure the people we follow are positive influences instead of negative ones.  In today's message we'll hear some strong words from Paul, the author of the book of Philippians, to guide us as we decide whom to follow.

Cursed 03 - Storm Chasers

What happens when a parent picks favorites, and then plays favorites?  Evidence suggests that people get hurt.  In a few weeks we'll take another look at this topic, but in today's message we'll hear about a family where just such a thing happened.  This story will demonstrate some lessons about dealing with betrayal and help us take next steps in the area of forgiveness.

Cursed 01 - A faith that is tested is a faith that can be trusted

Can you relate to doing your best to make good decisions, but everything still seems to be going wrong?  In today's message we'll take a look at a story of three characters who were trying to do what they believed to be right, but found themselves in a tense situation where things got, shall we say, heated.  Though their obedience lead to a seemingly worse situation, we'll ultimately find strength remembering that faithful obedience is our responsibility while the outcome is God's.

Superhuman 03 - Use Your Time Wisely

How do you decide what you're going to spend your time on?  Do you always have too much time, always get everything done early, and never seem to be busy?  In today's message we are cautioned and coached to make the most of our time and opportunities.  We'll work through ideas about how to discern the will of God and ultimately live for our purposes.

Superhuman 02 - Bread for the Hungry

When life feels out of balance do we typically look for ways to cut our losses, or ways to be generous?  We've been focusing on the idea that living with balance isn't the goal; living with purpose is.  To help us with that idea, we'll visit some stories in the Bible where God called people to make life decisions with an open-handed mindset, and consider practical next steps for our own lives.  We'll also hear about life-change happening in Laurel because the people of Element have been generous.

Grafted 05 - Produce the Fruit

How do you respond to growth and change in yourself and others?  Do you celebrate change or are threatened by it?  In today's message we'll hear about an instance when Jesus healed a paralyzed man but the people around him responded negatively to the things he did.  Ultimately we'll discover that God is not scared of our deficiencies nor defines us by our accomplishments.