Holidaze 02 - Is what I'm doing what I want to be doing?

The holiday season is upon us.  Do you feel out of balance?  In today's message, we'll take a look a moment in the life of Nehemiah.  We'll see that he was surrounded by dangerous circumstances and annoying distractions and had to say "no" to some things in order to stay focused on the "great work" he was engaged in.  We'll also learn some practical tips on how to prevent busyness this season.

Holidaze 01 - Holiday Hype

What does Christmas look like?  Does it look like the hype of the perfect families portrayed in TV commercials?  Or is there something else to it?  In today's message, we'll consider some ideas that will challenge the way we approach the Christmas holiday.  Ultimately we'll discover that our hope is not in the hype of the holidays but our hope is in something greater, and hope in that something greater does not involve a setback as we move into 2018.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 07 - The way out: follow Christ

How many of us have things in our lives that are not the way they should be?  How many of us desperately want those things to be made right?  Today's message is all about restoration as we continue to look at the life of king David.  In this message we'll hear the joy in David's heart as he responds to God restoring him.  We'll discover that this same joy, hope, strength, and contentment can be experienced in our own lives as we learn to rely on God in the middle of our own challenges.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 06 - Built to Rest

If your life and circumstances have changed over time, do you remember the way you used to be?  How did you get from the way you were to the way you are now?  Today's message will give us some practical encouragement when we find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.  We'll hear another story about King David's past struggles and future ambitions, and find encouragement as he remembers how God has brought him so far.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 05 - I'm the man!

What do you do when you get caught or exposed doing something you're not supposed to?  Do you continue to argue, or do you own up to your decisions and the consequences?  In today's message, we'll see how King David handled a similar situation.  Ultimately we'll learn that he didn't argue or try to justify his actions.  Instead, he faced the mirror, took ownership of his decisions, and admitted "I'm the man!"

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 04 - Why Won't You Intervene?!

How have you been reacting enjoying this series so far?  Hopefully you've been finding encouragement as well as ideas for how to engage challenging circumstances.  In today's message we'll hear some raw emotion from one of the Bible's most familiar characters.  David was a man after God's own heart, and yet he still experienced a lot of adversity.  From his story we'll learn that it's okay to not be okay, but it's not okay to stay that way, because Jesus wants something greater for each of us.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 03 - David Spares Saul

Are there times in your life when you've had opportunities to make compromises to get ahead, but not making those compromises continues to hold you back?  What are the consequences one way or another?  In today's message we'll revisit some stories from the Old Testament about David, being chased around the country by king Saul, and the opportunities he had to make compromises.  We'll see how he exercised patience, faith, and honor amid his desperate circumstances and find encouragement applying these qualities in our own lives.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place 02 - Wise Questions

Do you have any relationship in life, either with people or things (maybe work), which you depend on for benefits and/or sustenance?  Do those relationships also sometimes come with a lot of drama and trouble?  In today's message we'll look at a character in a similar situation and consider some questions we can ask to help get us through tough times.  Next time you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, ask yourself:  "Based on my past experiences, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?"

Inked 06 - Driven by Connection, Not Performance

What’s the stage or platform you’re living on?  Is it your kids and comparing your family to others?  Is it your likes on social media?  Maybe work?  Maybe the dance floor at the club?  In today's message we'll take a look at ourselves and consider the platform we're living out our lives on.  We'll consider that a life lived on a platform driven by performance leads to emptiness and loneliness.  Ultimately we'll be challenged to consider the idea that God does not simply want to be entertained by us, but desires intimacy with us.

Inked 04 - Contributors, Not Consumers

Have you ever experienced a relationship where it feels like the other person, or people, are not pulling their weight?  If life is supposed to be better together then why do so many relationships feel empty, lonely, and disappointing?  Maybe it's a group project where you care more about it than your teammates.  Maybe it's at work.  Maybe it's at home.  These are all very difficult scenarios to work through, but in today's message, we'll hear about the a way God created people to live in relationship with one another.  In particular, we'll hear about how God has created everyone with different abilities, to contribute to one another and live in harmony.

Inked 01 - A Better Way to Live

When life gets busy or stressful, how do you remember the things that are most important and reset your focus?  In todays message we'll see an old idea of remembering important life experiences applied in some familiar ways.  Ultimately we'll be reminded of some of the great things God has already done in our lives, and that resetting our focus on Him can change our present circumstances.

The Defiant One 05 - Physical Impossibilities

Do the supernatural events recorded in the Bible make it difficult to believe in Jesus?  If so, you're in good company.  As we'll see in today's message, all of Jesus' closest companions experienced some unbelievable things which sometimes confused and frightened them.  Ultimately we can find comfort in trusting that, though we may struggle to clearly explain everything going on, God is still compassionate toward us and has our best interest in mind.

The Defiant One 03 - Long Division

Have you ever had family drama?  Like the kind of drama where you celebrate holidays in two different households so that certain people don't have to be in the same room?  How about a sharp disagreement between friends or neighbors?  When the people around you and the people you care about don't seem capable of reconciliation, how do you speak into those tensions and bring some kind of unity, instead of division?  In today's message we'll encounter the story of a family dispute that lasted over 1,000 years, and how Jesus entered into it to bring reconciliation and unity.